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Kudos, a new cashback extension, is offering new members a $20 bonus when using a referral code. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up using this link or use the code RAYMOND_KUDOS_210365.
  2. Download the extension.
  3. Add your credit cards.
  4. Make your first purchase at any merchant to earn 250 points.
  5. Shop at a Boost merchant to earn an additional 1,750 points for a total of 2000 Bonus points (equal to $20 in Amazon gift cards).
  6. Receive your $20 bonus after your purchase is confirmed (typically 60-120 days).

Boost merchants are simply retailers in the Kudos rewards ecosystem. Kudos works with over 15,000 online stores, including Walmart, Lowes, BestBuy, Nike, and Petco.

How Kudos Smart Wallet Works

Kudos works differently than your typical cashback extension in that it helps you find the credit card that will maximize your rewards on the purchase and then doubles (and sometimes more) the cashback amount you earn with that card. 

For example, I uploaded multiple cards to Kudos, including the Capital One Venture X.   Then, on a recent purchase at, Kudos alerted me that the Venture X, earning 2X rewards, would be my best option. 

So, I earned $1.45 in rewards from Capital One and 146 points from Kudos.

The results of my first purchase using Kudos, where I earned $1.46 in rewards from the purchase but additional points for completing tasks after downloading.

Furthermore, I earned 425 total points for downloading the extension, setting up my profile, and adding credit cards. Once the transaction is verified, which will take around 60 to 120 days, I’ll earn 1,750 additional points. 

Once you’ve accumulated 1,000 Kudos Boost points (equivalent to $10), you can redeem them for an gift card. Each point is worth one cent.

While doubling a 2% cashback isn’t groundbreaking, Kudos’ featured merchants provide significantly higher returns over other cashback sites.  

Combining these boosted rates with high-reward cards like Chase Freedom’s 5% rotating categories allows you to achieve some of the best cashback rates. 

Other cards that have rotating 5% categories include:

  • Chase Freedom Flex
  • Discover it Cash Back
  • Discover it Student Cash Back

If your credit card gives you 5% back at Lowe’s:

  • You get 5% ($5 on a $100 purchase) from your credit card.
  • Kudos adds 4X more, which is 20% ($20 on a $100 purchase).
  • Total: 25% back ($25 on a $100 purchase).
At the time of publication, these are some featured merchants on Kudos.

Kudos Referral Program

After signing up for Kudos, you can immediately access their referral program. This program allows you and the individual you refer to earn the equivalent of $20 in Boost points. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Share your unique referral code with friends or family.
  2. When they join and make their first purchase at a Boost merchant, you each earn 2000 Bonus points ($20).
  3. You’ll receive an additional 250 Boost Bonus for every five referrals you make.

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer. Remember, it typically takes 60-120 days for rewards to be issued after purchase confirmation.

Overall Thoughts

The first-time user bonus is a solid deal compared to other cashback sites. 

Some similar deals include:

One big difference is you must add your credit card details to Kudos. While this might raise privacy concerns, Kudos has implemented the following security measures:

  1. They use 256-bit encryption, the industry’s gold standard.
  2. Your encrypted financial data remains inaccessible, even to Kudos employees.

Kudos is backed by reputable investors, which adds some credibility. However, it’s natural to feel cautious about sharing financial information. 

Overall, I felt comfortable enough and am looking forward to ideally taking advantage of a featured Boost merchant alongside a category where I can earn 5% with my Chase Freedom Card.

If you don’t have a credit card that pays 2% or above on purchases, Kudos has its limits, and you’re better off using another top cashback site

However, for those with multiple credit cards, especially ones with bonus categories, Kudos can be a powerful tool to help you earn more.

In this scenario, Kudos shines by:

  1. Identifying which of your cards offers the highest rewards for each purchase
  2. Stacking additional cashback on top of your card’s rewards
  3. Maximizing earnings with featured merchants

This combination can result in significantly higher rewards than using a single cashback site.

Of course, if you do join, I would appreciate it if you used our referral link or code here at The Ways to Wealth.

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